Best Ways to Increase Wins in Rainbow Six Siege Matches

R6 is an eSports shooter where 5 players on each team compete against each other in matches for rating and prestige.

The terrorists will play defense – according to the plan, they captured the building together and took hostages, or planted a bomb and kept it from the police.

The special forces will attack to destroy the terrorists and eliminate the threat they have created.

Your r6 boosting will depend not only on victories in matches but also on the general statistics that you accumulated during the game.

By the way, if you play well, then even if you lose, there is a good chance to maintain your progress further.

The tactics for playing attack and defense are different, but there are general tips and tricks that can help speed up your rank boost in Rainbow Six Siege.


When it’s your turn to play for the special forces, you need to take into account the fact that you are at an advantage relative to other players.

This is because you determine the location of your attack and can implement it at once with the whole team of five people. At the same time, terrorists must distribute forces across the map and prepare for an attack from different directions.

Remember that in R6 there is a high destructibility of all objects on the map, and you can not only enter from obvious doors and windows but also break walls and roofs to get through to enemies faster and more unexpectedly.

You can plan your attack from several sides, and the main task is to act unnoticed by the enemy.

It’s simple – one player takes a position on the roof, the second near the wall and the third next to the window – if you throw grenades – preferably flash-noise ones, so as not to damage the hostages if there are any, then blow up the wall and roof and at the same time break into the building – check the corners and clear enemy positions, if they are discovered, and you move further, clear the building.

Check not only all the shelters, preparing to trade your ally for the enemy, in order to constantly reduce the number of terrorists who remain on the game map.

Do not forget the moment that the enemy will Six Siege often be waiting for you – to strengthen walls, or mine approaches and rooms, so always be careful and, if possible, do not rush, but check the corners, otherwise you will lose many rounds and lose your boost in R6.

You need to find a bomb or hostages as quickly as possible, because the time of the round will be limited and regardless of how the enemies distributed their positions, they will still be drawn into an area that is important for the entire round even after suffering losses, so the closer the target, the more careful you need to be.

You can play quickly and aggressively, simply break Six Siege into a house without reconnaissance, take up defensive positions and defuse a bomb under the cover of the entire team, or simply take out hostages by pinning down enemies in battles.

This tactic will not always work, but periodically it can help you if you can surprise the enemy.

 If you act slowly, then the opponents may begin to Six Siege play aggressively and leave their positions to collect information, and this is where you can catch them and simply shoot them from cover, creating an advantage for your squad.


When you play as terrorists, you need to be prepared Six Siege for the fact that you can hold the defense with fewer forces against a full-fledged squad of special forces players, so mine approaches at important points, strengthen walls and windows, and take a position that is difficult to knock out or throw a grenade at.

You need to distribute your forces so as to be able to hold key points for attack and at the same time collect information about the plans of your opponents.

This is necessary in order not to fall into deceptive Six Siege assaults, which will force you to draw down your forces, and the enemy will strike in another place.

When the assault begins, the players who hold these points must not only kill enemies, but also survive as long as possible to give the rest of the team the opportunity to reach out and engage in battle with their opponents.

Even if you die, but kill one or more enemies, you will Six Siege already leave your team at an advantage and add greater chances of winning the round for your team, which will also have a positive effect on your boosting in Rainbow Six Siege.

Try to mine key approaches and strengthen parts of the walls that will hold back enemies from a quick onslaught, but don’t mess around for too long, because enemies can always use a quick assault and take you by surprise.

General advice without reference to parties

Exchange information about opponents at all stages of the rounds to understand the intentions and actions of enemies.

Shoot single and three rounds – this will add accuracy and Six Siege lethal damage to your shooting; automatic fire can also be used, but it consumes too many rounds and does not guarantee results and only works when firing at an enemy who is behind cover and can be shot through.

Do not come out of cover with your entire body, but take up defensive Six Siege positions and look out from behind to inflict damage on the enemy and hide back. The more competently you use this tactic, the better you will survive the attack of different numbers of enemies, but take into account enemy shelling so as not to lean directly into the bullet.

Try to enter the building as soon as possible to compare conditions for all teams and boil it down to skill, level of play and luck.

If the enemy Six Siege already knows about your plans, and you don’t know where he’s hiding, then don’t be afraid to shoot through cover and use prefire when entering positions.

Use grenades to prevent enemies from taking positions and shooting accurately, but remember that in rounds where there are hostages this can end badly.

Sometimes it is easier to block enemies and defuse a bomb, or remove hostages, than to knock them out of occupied and fortified positions.

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