Can I Be Fired for Posting on Social Media?

Social media has become a vast platform to connect people. This is where employees must understand the fine difference between their personal life and professional life. Therefore, if you have posted something on your social media and the content violates your company’s policies, the higher-ups can surely fire you. In these circumstances, seeking help from the employment lawyer Ravi Sattiraju, can provide you valuable guidance.

Understand the social media impacts.

Social media has become one of our needs nowadays. It is a vast platform that can easily vanish the line between your professional life and personal life. Now, there are many different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more, where you can post whatever you want; however, if your content is connected to your professional line, you can be terminated immediately.

Company Policies

Several companies have their policies regarding social media posts. Employers are strict with their company’s policies since they are very careful with the firm’s reputation and data security. Hence, if posting social media posts on the company’s grounds is under your company’s policy, your employer can terminate you. 

At-will employment

There is a policy all over the United States, an at-will employment policy where employers can terminate their employees for any reason that does not violate the employee’s rights, such as discrimination and wrongful termination. Hence, employers have every right to their employees for their online activities that may affect the company’s reputation or imply false accusations of the company. In addition, employers will not tolerate any online behavior that violates the professional line of the employee.

Company Confidentiality

It is a universal law for all firms and companies that if their sensitive data or confidentiality is breached, they can take severe actions such as termination against the responsible. Likewise, if you add any post that may reveal the firm’s personal information or don’t want to launch plans, then the employer has every right to terminate you immediately.

Public perception

For an employer, it is his/her duty to maintain a good profile in front of the public. Public perception matters a lot for a firm to keep it going. If you post any content that contains abusive language, sexual harassment, or other discrimination, this will affect your employer’s and company’s reputation. Therefore, employers can terminate their employees if they are responsible for putting the company’s reputation at stake.

Contact your employment attorney today!

If you are an employee, you should understand the legal policies of your company regarding posting on social media, consult your employment attorney, and discuss your rights and responsibilities.

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