Fernando del Solar: A journey of Fernando del Solar’s Life And Cause Of Death

With Fernando del Solar’s sudden death, the entertainment industry lost a bright star whose name touched many people’s hearts. His journey, replete with amazing peaks and heartbreaking valleys, is a tale of tenacity, adversity, and the stark unpredictability of life.

The goal of this article is to examine Fernando del Solar’s life in depth, including his professional background, struggles in his personal life, and the events leading up to his untimely death.

Who is Fernando del Solar?

Actor, model, and television personality Fernando Martin Cacciamani Servidio, better known by his stage name Fernando del Solar, was an Argentine-nationalized Mexican. Although he also temporarily worked as a presenter of the Hoy program on Televisa, he is most known for anchoring TV Azteca’s Sexos en Guerra and Venga la Alegria.

Early Life and Career Ascent

The story of Fernando del Solar starts on April 5, 1973, in Argentina. Fernando had a flair for the performing arts from an early age, a passion that would later define his entire existence. Fernando had a string of little roles in Argentine television during his early career, but he ultimately found his audience and calling in Mexico.

After relocating to Mexico, Fernando’s talent and charisma soon attracted the attention of business people. Through his parts in a number of TV series and telenovelas, he began to become well-known in the early 2000s. His innate charisma and talent for audience interaction made him a popular figure in Mexican entertainment.

Marriage and Wife

Fernando recently tied the knot for the second time with Anna Ferro. Married on March 22, 2022, to Anna Ferro. He divorced Ingrid Coronado, his first wife, before starting his second marriage. The singer and actor Ingrid Coronado resides in Mexico City.

Fernando Coronado married Ingrid Coronado on May 5, 2012. The couple’s two married children are Luciano Cacciamani Coronado and Paolo Caiamani Coronado. His wife, Anna Ferro, is a funny content creator with a substantial Instagram fan base.


Mr. Norberto Cacciamani and Mrs. Rosa Lina Servidio are Fernando del Solar’s parents. His father used to be a trader, but his mother was an ordinary woman. In terms of Fernando’s ethnicity at the time, his grandparents had emigrated to France following World War II, therefore he was of Italian descent. He was close to his father.

His father passed away on June 12, 2022, just a few days before he did. He posted a picture of the two of them after his father died away and claimed that his father had been a true inspiration to him.

Struggles and Personal life

Behind the scenes, Fernando’s life was a mosaic of happiness and suffering. He had a friendly demeanor and the capacity to brighten any space. However, Fernando also had to cope with a great deal of personal challenges.

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, his health became his top priority. He battled the disease courageously and publicly, inspiring many in the process. His battle with the illness evolved into a public story of hope and resilience in addition to being a personal battle.

Cause of death

The 49-year-old Fernando del Solar has passed away. Del Solar’s actual cause of death is currently unknown; however, it was believed that he had been fighting cancer for some time.

Everyone who knew Del Solar will undoubtedly miss him, and soap viewers throughout the globe are lamenting the loss of one of their favorite actors.

Despite the brief life Del Solar had, he left behind a body of excellent work that will inspire and amuse audiences for years to come. Peace be with Fernando del Solar.

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Fernando del Solar Net Worth

Above is the most recent information about Fernando del Solar’s estimated net worth, salary, income, cars, and lifestyle. Let’s see how wealthy Fernando del Solar was in 2019 and 2020.

At 46 years old, well-known TV personality Fernando del Solar has a net worth of $1–5 million, based on sources from Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online sites. Fernando del Solar made his money as a paid television personality. Argentina is the home of Fernando del Solar.

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