Working in trade: Why do you need a torch?

A torch is one of the most essential items for any tradesperson. While they undoubtedly have practical use in everyday situations, like finding something in the van, there are moments where torches become indispensable too.

No matter your niche, you shouldn’t underestimate the usefulness of carrying one. In this article, we’ve outlined a few of situations where a torch will quickly become your favorite tool. 

Why are torches so important for tradespeople?

A torch should be in every tradesperson’s toolbox. On dark evenings or at the crack of dawn before sunrise, it’s impossible to know when you might need to light up your path. 

Whether it’s a flashlight or a headtorch, using correct and sufficient lighting at work helps you to carry out your duties safely, effectively, and accurately. Portable and wearable lighting is just as important as the ceiling lights in a warehouse or on the factory floor. 

Torches are primarily handheld lighting devices, which gives them distinct advantages and purpose.

What are the different types of torches?

  • Penlight

Perfect for precision lighting, penlights are built for working in tight spaces and completing up-close tasks. 

They’re one of the most versatile torches to buy from companies like RS, specifically developed for trade professionals. In engineering, plumbing, and electrical work, being able to see the details is essential.

  • Keyring torch

Another lightweight and easily portable type, a keyring torch is ideal for on-demand lighting applications on the move. 

It’s impossible to know when you might need lighting at little notice – for example, if the power cuts out in the building you’re working in. With a torch on your keys, you’ll never be without one.

  • Tactical torch

Larger and heavier than their pocket-sized counterparts, tactical torches are professional and military-grade tools used for no-compromise lighting. 

When entire work areas, walkways or rooms need to be illuminated, this type of torch is the one to have on hand. These torches can be very powerful, so it’s worth knowing how to charge battery-powered devices safely.

  • Headtorch

Headtorches are compact but powerful torches attached to ergonomic straps, designed to fit comfortable around your head. 

They make a popular and effective choice for handsfree illumination, either at work or while exploring the great outdoors. Headtorches are used across industries, and they’re suitable for running, camping, mountaineering and caving too.

How to choose your torch

Lastly, there are a few things worth thinking about before you go ahead and buy your new torch. As a trade professional, you should choose the tool best suited to the nature of your work. 

Three of the most critical features to consider include:

  1. Size: Bigger torches can deliver long-lasting power, but practicality is important too.
  2. Brightness: The higher the lumens, the brighter the torch. Don’t compromise on safety.
  3. Weight: If you’ll be using it on the move, strike a balance between weight and power.

With the right torch on hand, you can do your job quickly and reduce the risks involved.

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